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Wear ZainoMotore to your Mini-excavator!

Easy to use, reliable and performing, it allows you to operate with the same mini-excavator both outside and inside, especially in those situations where LOW NOISE and ZERO EMISSIONS are required.
Asalift, a company dedicated to the rental and technical assistance of self-propelled aerial platforms, has acquired a significant technological know-how in over 20 years as builders (AIRO self-propelled aerial platforms) and subsequently in the design and development of intelligent systems to make the diesel engines of small operating machines hybrid.
ZainoMotore, the result of this research, is a revolutionary system that allows, with simple installation, TO MAKE the mini-excavator HYBRID, solving all problems related to the use of the diesel engine.
ZainoMotore greatly increases the possibilities of use and the profitability of the mini-excavator.

how to use

From diesel to electric, from electric to diesel with a few simple maneuvers.
ZainoMotore, reliable and performing, has an operating console and an intuitive and easy to use control panel

where to use

ZainoMotore increases the opportunities of use and consequently the profitability of the mini-excavator in your possession.
It therefore becomes possible to operate in all those situations that until now were "forbidden" because of the noise and the smokiness of the diesel engine.


ITA trasp sottofilmato.png
Just 2 minutes of your attention to know ZainoMotore:
This simple animation shows you in 2 minutes ZainoMotore, the ease of use, the advantages and the suggested use’s situations



The innovation ZainoMotore summarized in one page

Usage sheet

Starting and some suggested uses


ZainoMotoreios a brand of 
Asalift Srl Via Negre 45,
Casoni di Luzzara 42045
Reggio Emilia
To receive information and to watch ZainoMotore Make a mini-excavator electric you can write to: :
oppure contattarci al:
+39 0522 820560
+39 366 6130422


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